The Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association (IWTMA) is 18 years old and was founded by a group of members from the wind industry. IWTMA was established to aggressively campaign for a Clean Energy Revolution to encompass the economy, business, and rural employment, and to contribute towards energy self-reliance for the country. The Association has been an important stakeholder in the development and growth of the wind power industry.

The IWTMA plays a vital role in policy making and regulatory intervention, both at the Central level as well as at the State level. The Association is headquartered in Chennai with an office in New Delhi.

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The Global Wind Energy Council is the international trade association for the wind power industry. Their mission is to ensure that wind power establishes itself as the answer to today’s energy challenges, providing substantial environmental and economic benefits.

Their mandate is to communicate the benefits of wind power – to national governments, policy makers and international institutions. They provide authoritative research and analysis on the wind power industry in more than 80 countries around the world. They work with governments to give them transparent information about the benefits and potential of wind power, enabling them to make informed decisions about national energy policies. They support collaboration between policy makers in different countries to help them share best practices and experiences in adding clean power to their energy mix.

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