Shashi Barla

Mr Shashi Barla
Global Head
Wind Supply Chain and Technology (Onshore and Offs

Shashi has more than 13 years of experience in the global wind industry, working within the industry and as an external consultant He heads Wood Mackenzie’s Global Wind Turbine Technology and Supply Chain practice

He authors five of the top 10 wind research products part of the Power and Renewables practice

  • Global Wind Turbine Technology Trends
  • Global Wind Turbine Supply Chain Trends,
  • Global Wind Turbine OEMs Market Share Forecasts
  • Global Wind Turbine OEMs Next Generation Turbine Models
  • Global Wind Turbine OEMs Historic Market Shares

Shashi is a thought leader in the global wind sector and provides foresight to clients across the wind value chain covering demand, supply and technology He renders his knowledge and expertise to Wood Mackenzie’s research and consulting clients He joined Wood Mackenzie in 2017 and is based in Aarhus, Denmark

Prior to Wood Mackenzie, Shashi was a global key account manager at LM Wind Power, Denmark, and worked in various roles, primarily in the global market intelligence and strategy function He was instrumental in GE's acquisition of LM Wind Power for EUR 1 5 bn in 2016 from market intelligence and strategy standpoint Before LM Wind Power, Shashi was an analyst at GlobalData plc in its wind market intelligence, research and consulting division

Shashi holds a Master of Business Administration degree from IMI Belgium and a Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering degree from Anna University, India