Kenneth Hansen

Dr Kenneth Hansen
Long-term Sector Expert
Central Electricity Authority (CEA)

Dr. Kenneth Hansen is a long-term sector expert posted in the Central Electricity Authority, under the bilateral partnership on Energy between the Republic of India, represented by the Ministry of Power and the Kingdom of Denmark, represented by the Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities. In this capacity, Dr. Hansen is responsible for facilitating and contributing to peer-to-peer exchange of knowledge and best practices in the area of energy planning between the relevant agencies of Denmark and India

Recently, the Danish Energy Agency and the Central Electricity Authority jointly published the first Indian Technology Catalogue as part of the India-Denmark Energy Partnership. This catalogue forms a central foundation for the long-term power sector planning for the Indian government and can provide inputs to the identification of a pathway to reach India’s ambitious 500 gigawatt target from non-fossil energy sources. Dr. Kenneth Hansen was one of the main authors of the Indian Technology Catalogue.

Dr. Hansen holds a PhD degree in the subject of 100% renewable energy systems from Aalborg University in Denmark. He also obtained a master’s degree in engineering from the same institution.